Cancellation/Change of a Reservation

If, as a Client, you cancel your requested booking before the requested booking is confirmed by a Professional, FashionsModa Payments will cancel any pre-authorization to your Payment Method and/or refund any nominal amounts charged to your Payment Method in connection with the requested booking within a commercially reasonable time.
If, as a Client, you wish to cancel a confirmed booking made via the Site, Application and Services, the cancellation policy of the Professional contained in the applicable Service will apply to such cancellation. Our ability to refund the Services Fees and other amounts charged to you will depend upon the terms of the applicable cancellation policy. Details regarding refunds and cancellation policies are available via the Site and Application.
Before to cancel or change your booking via our website at FashionsModa please remember to check the Professional Services's cancellation policy before making any changes to your reservation. Non-refundable services and other special deals may have a different cancellation policy.
Cancellation policies vary from Professional to Professional. You can check to see what a service’s policy is, and whether they will charge a cancellation fee.
Please note that with special deals, the cancellation or deposit policy differs from the normal policy, so make sure to check both.